Posts Progress, regress...

Progress, regress...

Recent two weeks were quite intensive. I've added alot of new features to my framework. The most notable is CEGUI integration. At this moment I'm using test layout, but it will change in the future. (I would like to design my own skin/theme later).

The FSAA support is here, but I'm not happy with it. Generally speaking setting FSAA is trial and error process. Quite helpful here was program that tested with SDL various OpenGL pixel buffer settings and reported all the results to log file (nothing sophisticated), so I could figure out what settings were ok and set them in application (it's not very elegant, I know, but it's sufficient for now).
Updating of animation isn't frame dependent, so programs will look the same on machines with different CPU's and graphic cards.
I've added also very simple camera support and "mouse look", so now there is possibility to walk and look around the scene.
Ok, here it is a little video:

[SDL/OpenGL framework development snapshot 28.12.2009]

SDL/OpenGL framework development snapshot 28.12.2009 from nokturnal on Vimeo.

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