Posts SDL based OpenGL framework

SDL based OpenGL framework

Finally I’ve managed to finish simple SDL framework (to quickly set up OpenGL projects and try out new stuff). Nothing fancy at this moment just the basic functionality. I can put my custom code for 2d overlays, 3d scene rendering and input handling now. I haven’t managed to add FSAA support yet. ( shame on me 😉 ). This could be quicker, but testing took a lot time.

I have few ideas about how this framework could be improved. The things that I would like to add are:

  • bitmap/freetype font rendering
  • better managing of texture render states
  • camera handling (for free scene navigation)
  • integration with existing GUI framework
  • rendering type (wireframe/solid/textured), cull face mode switching
  • parameter window with initial video settings
  • basic mouse picking
  • basic debug info output / error checking

If this framework will be good enough then I will be able to remove completely win32 api dependencies from my engine and input in it’s place SDL, cross-platform equivalent.

On the video below there is simple demonstration of rendering 3d object with 2d overlay. Screen capture is from my netbook running linux. I couldn’t demonstrate fullscreen/windowed mode switching because xvidcap is unable to capture such transition.

custom SDL/OpenGL framework tests from nokturnal on Vimeo.

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