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Game project

Here are some screenshots from a project I'm working on for some time (in heavy multitasking mode ;)) with cooperation with several individuals. I'm putting everything together. Game is based on Unity3d (I'm not a great fan of it, but I'm curious how the things will turn out), so it's not the low level stuff I have used to work. It will have single, online multiplayer modes and maybe some kind of editor.

Currently i'm in middle of the alpha stage implementing level loading/storage format, gameplay, player movement and many other things. For now I have GUI mock-up (for ingame and main menu), basic player movement, player spawning/death, collecting items, level walkthrough time tracking, basic sound effects, so nothing ground breaking.

We hope to release it commercially in next year for several platforms (mainly desktop, maybe mobile in the future), but it depends on many things. The plan is to self publish it (who needs publishers these days anyway?) and distribute it via digital channels.

parallel worlds 1 parallel worlds 2

3D Models are by Raul Mora.

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