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Borderlands Bootloader

Little late, but who cares? This is my first small project that I've made for Playstation 4 with Mikolaj Radwan for Borderlands Handsome Collection over a year ago (officially released in March, 2015). Small menu for selecting two games: Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: Prequel. It was developed for XOne too, but it was cancelled in mid-development.

Everything was made with small, custom made framework (c++, no flash really ;)).

Here is video recording from real hardware (@30fps) and crippled by YouTube:


  • programming: Pawel Goralski / Mikolaj Radwan
  • layout / graphics: Gearbox Software / Pawel Goralski

Project was small and cool, my only regret is that I could make more animations / details in the background and make animation more smoother.

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