Console Wars PC port postmortem

Some time ago, at job interview I was given a task of porting “PliyySattano 2” game to PC/Windows. It was pretty cool thing to do from pure technical point of view, although it wasn’t my type of game.
I’ve received PS2 binary which worked atop of PC emulation layer (“PS2 player” or “reference application” as you can call it), all the PS2 source code (in unknown state, for me at last) ,¬† alot of assets and other weird things . The goal was to compile it somehow, put everything together, make display preferably on DirectX, add sound (optionally) and incorporate motion blur effect (also optionally).
I had to estimate how long it will take too. I had no clue, so the first bet was one week, which was suggested during the interview. ¬†Finally, I’ve made an agreement that I will tell after a week how it goes and tell if I need some more time. But making it for more than two weeks was no-go.
Of course I couldn’t say, just before deadline, that I cannot send the final binary, because dog has eaten my floppy too ¬†;).